2019 After School Artists Workshop Participants

McCombs Climate Change PosterRevised (2)

Under the guidance of Tom Murphy, Des Moines Art Center instructor, McCombs students who participated in the 2019 After School Artists Workshop chose an aspect of climate change that they were particularly interested in. Some topics were pollution, decreasing biodiversity, drought, and melting ice caps. These students then designed and created a clay piece that represented their topic. As a group, students combined their works to create a collaborative piece that represents the aspects of climate change McCombs students are concerned about. This McCombs collaboration became part of a temporary exhibit at the Des Moines Art Center highlighting the works of DMPS students across the district.

McCombs Participants: David Sarceno, Emalie Ward, Katelynn Bennett, Arely Negrete-Cruz, Johnny Watson, Kaley Lovan, Raj Biswa, Chloe Millard, and Tessa Faris.

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