McCombs Theatre Program

The McCombs Theatre Program performs a one-act production on the main stage during the first semester that is completely run by the students with teacher support.  Second semester, the program hosts a school wide talent show highlighting our broad range of student talent and short films created by the theatre department.

McCombs offers the program as a first-time drama and theater experience for your child.  Students that decide to be a part of the theatre program at McCombs are wanting to be a part of something at their school that is bigger than possibly anything they have ever done before.  Students quickly become a part of our theatre family, will make new friends, and have a great time doing it.  They will have a chance to paint and design backdrops and design costumes for a show and shop for props for both characters and stage, free of cost, through a generous partnership with the Salvation Army.

Check back soon for information regarding the Fall 2017 McCombs One-Act Production.

Please contact any of the supporting staff if you have questions about the McCombs Theater Program.

Ron Hyde

7th Grade Special Education


Debra Victor

8th Grade Science


Branden Oliver

Band & Orchestra