First Tech Challenge Robotics that is the next step after Lego league.  This is for 8th graders and 7th graders that have already completed Lego League.  This club allows students to Create/program/promote and compete with the robot they create.  We attend a minimum of 4 competitions at other local schools. We compete with Middle and High schools.    For more information please contact Sheri Carter

Ten80 is a race car challenge where students get to test their racing and engineering skills to create a better/faster car than their opponents.  They can change out multi pieces of their car and apply different adjustments to create various speed and torque combinations.  (Sheri Carter or Scott Henderson) For more information please contact  or

ISU Roller Coaster competition is a competition where students apply their engineering skills and knowledge of Newtons laws to the test.   They will create a free standing roller coaster using various supplies, solder copper and learn other building techniques.  For more information please contact Sheri Carter