National Novel Writing Month

In November, ten McCombs Middle School students participated in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. For the annual NaNoWriMo contest, students and adults from across the country attempt the lofty goal of writing a novel in 30 days. This year two McCombs students met that goal. Zakiya McPherson and Josh Gale completed their novels by the November 30th deadline. The other McCombs participants, Kaylee Bingham, Jaenelle Bryant, Kathleena Hampton, Dana Idan, Luke Okland, Jaelyn Roberts, Amara Shade, and Cayden Ward are continuing to work on finishing their stories to prepare for publication. Luke’s NaNoWriMo project last year and has sold over 250 copies and has received positive reviews. Zakiya, who was also a winner last year, now has her book, 20 Days, for sale on Amazon as well. Josh has begun the process of publishing his book also. Carrie Okland, who advises the group, says, “I’m always impressed with what great ideas they have for their stories. It is so exciting for them to see their words in print and to read the reviews readers have written about their work.”

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